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On 19-22 May, 2020 Young Professionals International Conference on Welding and Related Technologies will be held in Kyiv, Ukraine. We invite young researchers up to 35 years old to participate in the Conference. Participation of students, Ph.D. students, young researchers, representatives of industrial enterprises and scientific organizations as guests of scientific schools without presentations with receiving of personal certificate of participation in the scientific schools in the relevant areas is also appreciated. The Conference will be held as plenary sessions and posters.

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Advanced welding and joining technologies

Additive manufacturing, surfacing and cutting

Innovative technologies and processes of metallurgy

Polymers joining and adhesive technologies

Health, safery and environment

New structural and functional materials, nanomaterials, composites

Numerical simulation and modelling of processes and material

NDT & QA of welded products

Fracture and fatigue behavior of welded components and structures

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